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Hodges University, Focused on You. Every degree program, every learning method, every professor, and every team member. We are dedicated to inspiring you to achieve the education you deserve for the life and career you want. What makes Hodges U different?

  • Customized Educational Pathways explicitly designed for you and your unique situation to help you overcome the challenges standing in the way of obtaining your degree.
  • Hybridized Educational Course Offerings organized so that you can attend class on campus, learn online, or create your pathway with a combination of educational experiences based on your specific circumstances and learning goals.
  • Embedded Certifications inside our Degree Programs increase your value with in-demand employers so you can find the job you want in your field of study.
  • Cutting-edge degree programs on Accelerated Schedules so you can finish early and achieve your goals even faster.
  • Military Friendly Campus with staff who help Military Students transition from Military to Civilian Life.

Still Not Sure if Hodges University is Right for You?

When you choose Hodges for your education, you’ve selected a community to support you on your path to achieving your goals. With flexible class schedules, two campuses, and online options, we have the pathway for your success. Here’s what you get when you choose Hodges:

  • A University Embedded in the Community. We’ve always been involved in the local community and are a source that Southwest Florida businesses look to when they need workforce solutions. What does that mean for you? We offer the training that will help you get a great job at a great company. We know what employers in our area need and we deliver educational programs that translate into careers that will build your success.
  • Accredited Degree Programs by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a whole, and we have also received specialized program accreditation in a number of our specific degree programs from sources including:
  • A Workforce-Driven approach to a modern education. We understand the challenges that Southwest Florida companies face when looking to hire employees. We provide training solutions for both employees and companies that ensure your success. This training translates to increases in the bottom line, supporting both the company and employees.
  • Accelerated Programs. At Hodges, we know how important it is for you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. In your time. We offer 4-week mini-semesters. You take one class every four weeks. These shorter semesters allow you to move through your chosen program faster and provide more attention to detail when learning the material. We also offer Core + 4. In Core+4 when you sign up for a full schedule of 12 credit hours, you get four credit hours of online courses for free. You choose the Pathway. You write your Story. Let’s Get Started Today!
  • Consistency. Hodges is Here To Stay. Hodges has been delivering high-quality educational programs for adult learners for almost 30 years. We have helped thousands just like you graduate and yet we are small enough to know each student. You aren’t only a number at Hodges. We work hard to ensure you receive a customized educational pathway that works for you. Why wouldn’t you want someone dedicated to your success?
  • Nonprofit University. We invest excess funds into the development of educational programs and focus on your success. We support our community. We focus on inspiring you to achieve your dreams.

Just The Facts...

Named "Best Schools" 2017

Military Times Best:
Colleges 2018

3rd Safest Campus
In Florida

82% Student
Satisfaction Rating

Monthly Start Dates

Small Class Sizes
14:1 Average Ratio

Federally Designated
Hispanic Serving Institution

Military / Veteran Friendly Campuses with Dedicated Vet Centers on Each Campus

Named One Of The
"40 Best Colleges in Florida"

93% Job Placement
Rate After Graduation

28 Years Educating
Southwest Florida

Regionally Accredited

Graduate Success Stories

“I immediately knew Hodges was the perfect place to balance my unique life and education. I found accommodating schedules, small classrooms, a dynamic curriculum, and a supportive administration. I was impressed how a small institution could offer everything I needed. The biggest challenge was finding a balance between being a full-time parent, full-time employee and being able to add a full-time academic agenda. However, the most rewarding part was befriending many students whose lives mirrored mine. They, too, had a full agenda, and they, too, had the same challenges; this became my source of strength and ultimately my support system,” Amelia Vasquez – Business Administration Three-Time Graduate

What’s Holding You Back? Let Us Help You Take The Next Step on Your Path.

Let’s Do This…Together


If you aren’t sure how you’ll find time for your education with your family and current full-time work schedule, we have solutions to help you succeed on your unique pathway.

  • Core+4
  • Hybrid Learning Experience
  • Monthly Semesters
  • Accelerated Programs and Degrees
  • Certificate Embedded Programs
  • Campuses in Naples and Fort Myers


If you aren’t sure how you are going to pay for your education, we have the answers to help you succeed.

  • Core+4
  • Scholarships
  • Financial Aid
  • Targeted Scholarship Opportunities

Career Readiness

Are you unsure how you’ll make the transition from your current position to one utilizing your degree? Do you need help making the change to a new job?

At Hodges, we have staff available to help you get the most from your degree. Some of the services our team provides include:

  • Helping you write a resume that will appeal to prospective employers
  • Suggesting inclusion of Internships that show your real-world experience
  • Translating the experience you have into experience employers want
  • Organizing workshops that focus on interviewing and getting hired for prospective positions
  • Professional Communication skills development so that you understand how to communicate in a professional, business-oriented environment

Uncertain Degree Path

We offer degrees and programs that make transferring easy and help you get started even if you aren’t sure what major is best for you. Don’t wait. Be Inspired to choose your pathway to success.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies Degree
  • Communications Degrees
  • Certification Programs

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What Makes Hodges University Different?

University in Diversity

At Hodges U we believe everyone deserves an education that is going to give them the edge they need to create a life they love. That’s why we are proud to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a designated Hispanic – Serving Institution. We offer an English as a Second Language program that certifies ESL students are ready to take on their chosen careers and are fluent in English. Plus, we are a top college in Naples and Fort Myers for veterans and their families. Why? Because we know the transition from the military to everyday life can be hard. Our disability services make it easier for students with special needs to get the education they deserve. We want all of our students to succeed, and we make it easy for U at Hodges University.

Student Safety is Our Priority

Award winner of the #3 Safest Campus in Florida! We take the safety of our students seriously at both Hodges University Naples and Hodges University Fort Myers campuses. Whether you have a late class or students crowd the school, our safe campuses create environments for greatness.

Hodges University Tuition

Hodges University Tuition and Fees remain some of the lowest for private, nonprofit colleges. Our low tuition rates demonstrate our dedication to your success. We accept Federal and State Financial Aid programs, as well as grants and scholarships. We also offer over 19 scholarship opportunities at our university. Plus, we make it easy to transfer existing credits. Having Naples and Fort Myers Colleges that are accredited, close to home, and affordable gives you the edge to change your life.

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