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Hodges University has the Accounting Degree programs that will enable you to get ahead in your career. Whether you are looking for a foundational education in accounting, or want a Master’s in Accounting so you can become a CFO – Hodges will fit your schedule and accommodate your needs. We’ve designed our degree program to create pathways in Accounting that you can’t find at other colleges and universities in Southwest Florida.

Get Started in Accounting

Where you start depends on where you are in your accounting career. Our admissions advisors will help you determine the best course for your Accounting Degree Program based on your prior experience, prior education, and educational goals.

Hodges University’s Accounting Pathway has been designed to meet you where you are and provide the foundation for you to succeed in your career goals. We’ve devised our Accounting program around working adults, and we offer the courses you need to propel you forward on campus, online, and through our blended approach.

The career outlook for accounting is excellent, with the demand for accountants and auditors growing at a rate of 10-11%. Small class size of 14:1 allows you to receive the individual attention you need to fully comprehend the subject matter and achieve the degree necessary to help you on your pathway to achievement. Accounting is a highly diversified field providing many employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors. A vital part of any organization, accountants are not only responsible for maintaining accurate financial records but also assisting in organizational planning. Accountants may choose to work in a specialized field, seek employment in a variety of organizations, or open their own accounting firm.

Financial Accountants play a vital role in all organizations. They must maintain accurate accounting and financial records and ensure that taxes get paid correctly and on time. Accountants also help organizations plan for the future, by assessing financial operations and communicating strategies to help organizations run efficiently. They record and deliver the results of operations and prepare and interpret financial statements. They advise management in their planning, directing, and coordinating efforts.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for Accountants and Auditors is approximately $69,000 per year. There’s a direct correlation between your education and your opportunity for earning higher wages as well as career advancement. We have the pathway for you to grow, advance your career, and make more money!

You will be on the path to success with an Accounting Degree from Hodges U.

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code: 52.0301

Master’s Degree in Accounting (MAcc)

Master’s in Accounting

  • No GMAT/GRE Required
  • Complete MAcc in Just 10 Months!*
  • All-Inclusive Tuition Covers: Courses, Textbooks, Class Materials, and CPA Exam Review Materials
  • Prepared to sit for the CPA Exam Upon Graduation
  • Offered 100% Online 
  • Start Fall 2019
  • Faculty Supported Virtual Residencies
  • Limited Enrollment – Apply Today!
  • All for only $24,900

MAcc Program Highlights:


Not an accounting major but still want to take the MAcc? Contact us to see how we can help you!

Careers You’ll Be Able to Pursue

While not guaranteed, with a Master’s in Accounting, you may be able to pursue high-paying careers including:

  • Accountant – $37,433 – $70,835
  • Senior Accountant – $51,003 – 82,923
  • Staff Accountant – $38,529 – $61,796
  • Accounting Manager – $46,612 – $97,986
  • Senior Auditor – $54,117 – $88,060
  • Auditor – $40,147 – $81,509
  • Financial Analyst – $44,382 – $79,508
  • Senior Financial Analyst – $61,787 – $98,935
  • CPA – $46,034 – $103,717
  • Corporate Controller – $62,685 – $142,070
  • Assistant Controller – $49,482 – $107,405
  • CFO – $71,438 – $214,948
  • VP Finance – $83,303 – $192,887
  • Financial Director – $36,909 – $149,065
  • Financial Reporting Manager – $70,631 – $119,429
  • Business Valuation Associate – $54,137 – $91,297


(All wage information gathered from

Prerequisites You’ll Need to Start the MAcc Program

 Accredited Bachelor of Accounting is the preferred prerequisite degree, but a bachelor’s degree in another business discipline (or potentially other disciplines)  is acceptable as long as the coursework includes the following:

  • 36 accounting credits (30 at the upper level) to include taxation, auditing, cost/managerial, financial, and accounting information systems.
  • 39 business credits to include business law, microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, and an introductory computer course such as CGS 1100.
  • Intermediate and advanced accounting courses may also  be used to meet the business requirement.


Now enrolling Master’s Degree in Accounting students to start in the Fall of 2019. This is a limited enrollment program, so Apply Today!

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

If you already have an Associate Degree in Accounting or Business Administration or are currently working in the accounting field, Hodges University’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting is the accounting pathway for you. The BS in Accounting program will give you a firm foundation in the practical and theoretical aspects of accounting principles, as well as business concepts and general education. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have acquired skills in the major subject areas of accounting: taxation and regulation, financial reporting, auditing, cost management, finance, information systems, business, and management.

You’ll be ready to take on an accounting career in business, finance, healthcare, private industry, nonprofits, education, government, or consulting.

Once you’ve completed the BS in Accounting, you’ll be able to sit for the CPA Certification, and should have the background knowledge to succeed in passing the CPA Exam.

Careers You’ll Be Able to Pursue

While not guaranteed, with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, you may be able to pursue high-paying careers including:

  • Accountant – $37,433 – $70,835
  • Staff Accountant – $38,529 – $61,796
  • Senior Accountant – $51,003 – $82,923
  • Financial Controller – $53,179 – $120,460
  • Accounting Manager – $46,612 – $97,986
  • CPA – $46,034 – $103,717
  • Financial Analyst – $44,382 – $79,508
  • Assistant Controller – $49,482 – $107,405
  • Tax Manager – $69,577 – $126,173
  • Tax Accountant – $41,413 – $74,635
  • Finance Manager  – $48,440 – $123,625
  • Senior Auditor – $54,117 – $88,060
  • Senior Tax Accountant – $56,813 – $88,025
  • Auditor – $40,147 – $81,509
  • Tax Associate – $47,783 – $69,930
  • Senior Staff Accountant – $48,105 – $75,997
  • Office Manager – $31,892 – $67,475
  • Auditing Manager – $65,416 – $116,276


(All wage information gathered from

Prerequisites for the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program does not have any prerequisites other than submitting your application to Hodges U to begin the program.

And, when you transfer from another college or university program, we will apply transfer credits you may have earned toward your Hodges University bachelor’s degree.

We work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to begin and succeed when you choose the Accounting Pathway at Hodges University.

Associate Degree in Accounting Program

Hodges’ Associate Degree in Accounting will prepare you for entry-level positions as accountants in business, public and private accounting, as well as nonprofit organizations. Additionally, our program will give you a strong foundation in liberal arts and business concepts that you’ll be able to apply immediately.

Another great part about choosing Hodges for your degree is that our degrees are “stackable,” which means they work together to get you ahead faster. When you complete your Associate of Science degree at Hodges, your credits will transfer over immediately to the bachelor’s program. So, you’ll be able to build on the pathway that you started when you continue your education.

Careers You’ll Be Able to Pursue

While not guaranteed, with an Associate of Science in Accounting, you’ll be able to pursue high-paying careers including:

  • Office Manager – $31,892 – $67,475
  • Operations Manager – $40,186 – $101,911
  • Accounting Manager – $46,612 – $97,986
  • Financial Controller – $53,179 – $120,460
  • General / Operations Mgr – $35,690 – $113,354
  • Bookkeeper – $28,375 – $58,453
  • Business Manager – $36,638 – $103,619
  • Staff Accountant – $38,529 – $61,796
  • Office Administrator – $30,149 – $74,564


(All wage information gathered from

Gailene Gumbs - Accounting 2016

“I always wanted to further my education, but personal barriers hindered me. In hindsight, I realize some of those stemmed from a lack of knowledge,” said Gailene Gumbs.

As a student in Hodges’ Bachelor’s of Science in accounting program, Gumbs was apprehensive about returning to school after 11 years. Not only had she graduated high school while living in another country, Trinidad, but she was also facing obstacles many adult learners experience – the uncertainty of her own capabilities, time management, and even changes in the way students learn.

“I do credit my supervisor, Arames Graham, whom I met while working at Comcast, for encouraging me to return to school. He was also attending Hodges at the time and convinced me that my situation was not entirely hopeless,” she said. “He told me about Hodges being geared toward working adults and encouraged me to take advantage of the company’s investment in tuition reimbursement. He also gave me a good lecture on barriers versus excuses and taking that first step.”

Gailene recently passed the CPA exam and she credits Hodges for providing the foundational knowledge needed to begin her challenging career in accounting, “My Hodges education has had a positive impact on my career and who I am today. It gave me the foundation I needed to get to a better place in life. Before, I felt like I was going nowhere with no purpose. Now, I feel like I can really make a difference. Accounting in itself is a challenging career that requires dedication and a lot of technical skills, so earning this degree was a huge accomplishment.”

Be Bold. Your Future Self Will Thank You. Choose Hodges U

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