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Hodges University has the Business Administration Degree programs that will enable you to achieve greatness in your career. Whether you are looking for foundational education in entry-level business practices, or seek to achieve your Master’s in Business Administration so that you can become a VP, Director, or CEO – Hodges will fit your schedule and accommodate your needs.

Our Business Administration Pathway is designed for working adults and will prepare you for a future you can build upon better than any other college or university in Southwest Florida. Why? Because we are embedded in the community and understand what businesses in our area need in graduates from our programs. We customize our business programs to fit the needs of the employers who will be looking to hire you upon graduation. Our class size is small at 14:1, and you’ll receive the individual attention you need to achieve educational success.

Your future is waiting. Take the steps to make it a great one.

Get Started in Business Administration

Where you start depends on where you are in your business career. Our admissions staff will help you determine the best course for your Business Administration Degree Program based on your prior experience, prior education, and educational goals.

The career outlook for business administration is great, offering you the ability to move into different areas based on your choice of specialization.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10 occupations for 16-34 year olds with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business accounts for approximately 36% of all degrees. Plus, the median income is between $40,000-$60,000 per year.

You will experience success with a Business Administrations Degree from Hodges U.

If you aren’t sure if you should pursue a Master’s in Business Administration, you should consider this article from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which shows a direct correlation between earning potential and degree level earned in business. 

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Master’s Degree in Business Administration

If you are looking to lead and contribute to an organization at the executive level, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is for you! This general business degree program is designed to develop your leadership skills and prepare you to take on the needs of businesses and nonprofit organizations to increase their potential and grow their reach.

Attending Hodges U Business Administration program will prepare you to take on responsibilities such as planning, decision making, environmental scanning, financial analysis, marketing, global business, and business research.

The Master of Business Administration program is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

Prerequisites You’ll Need to Start the MBA Program

You’ll need an accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Business or similarly related major to be the Master program.

If you obtained your Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Accounting, Professional Sales and Marketing, or Interdisciplinary Studies from Hodges U, then you are ready to begin your Master’s!

Let us help you get started today.

With Hodges U, You can Choose from Five Types of MBA Business Concentrations:

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination:

If you’re interested in investigating white-collar crimes and other fraudulent behavior, a concentration in forensic accounting may be for you! A concentration in forensic accounting prepares you to pursue careers in federal, state, and local law enforcement, law offices, CPA firms, financial fields, and insurance agencies.

General Business:

If you are looking for a well-rounded degree in business and organizational processes, the general business concentration may be right for you. A concentration in general business expands on Hodges’ MBA core and includes courses in ethics, human resources, and international business environments.

Information Systems:

If you are looking to plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization, a concentration in information systems may be the pathway for you. Hodges University’s information systems concentration will put you on the fast track to obtain the skills necessary to manage technology growth and development. From research to installation and training, students are prepared for management in any organization with the ability to scale from small business needs to large corporation demands. This concentration is an excellent pathway for students who have earned their Bachelor’s in Computer Information Technology.

Public Administration:

Do you want to make an impact on issues that affect the general public? Want to help others? The Public Administration concentration will give you the skills you need to pursue a career in government, public management, health and human services, and other public or nonprofit organizations.

Visual Communication:

If you are looking for a career as a senior-level manager or creative director, this is the pathway to your success. Discover how the visual communication arts drive the way we communicate in the business environment so you can leverage it for success. You’ll be ready to find employment as a creative leader in corporate design offices or design consulting firms nationally and internationally. This program is available entirely online and is accelerated as well. Learn more about the MA in Visual Communications here.

Add-on certificates in Cybersecurity, Database Management, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination, Public Administration, and Visual Communication allow you to further enhance your areas of specialization and increase your flexibility in the job market.

Careers You’ll Be Able to Pursue

While not guaranteed, with a Master’s in Business Administration, you’ll be able to pursue high-paying careers including:

  • CFO – $71,438 – $214,948
  • Senior Financial Analyst – $61,787 – $98,935
  • Operations Manager – $40,186 – $101,911
  • Marketing Manager – $41,223 – $97,607
  • Human Resources Mgr – $45,049 – $92,033

(All wage information gathered from

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

If you already have an Associate Degree in Business Administration or are currently working in the business field, Hodges University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is the business pathway for you.

When you earn business administration degrees from Hodges U, you’ll gain the skills needed to be successful no matter how you specialize in business. The BSBA offers flexibility in nearly every industry, so you’ll find success in any and every sector you pursue. Choose the top degree that will give you fundamental business, management, and administrative skills to achieve more than you might’ve thought possible.

Your degree from Hodges University will teach not only business skills and knowledge but communication and computer skills as well. If you are looking to advance in the challenging world of business or self-employment, a degree in business administration can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Careers You’ll Be Able to Pursue

While not guaranteed, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, you’ll be able to pursue high-paying careers including:

  • Human Resources Manager – $45,049 – $92,033
  • Operations Manager – $40,186 – $101,911
  • Human Resources Generalist – $39,719 – $69,323
  • Marketing Manager – $41,223 – $97,607
  • Office Manager – $31,892 – $67,475

(All wage information gathered from

Prerequisites for the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program does not have any prerequisites other than submitting your application to Hodges U to begin the program.

And, when you transfer from another college or university program, we will apply transfer credits you may have earned toward your Bachelor’s Degree. Plus, if you’ve already started your Associate Degree at Hodges, those credits transfer over seamlessly!

We work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to begin and succeed when you choose the Business Administration Pathway at Hodges University.

Associate Degree in Business Administration Program

The Associate in Science in Business Administration (ASBA) from Hodges U is designed to prepare students for entry-level supervisory positions in business and public service organizations. The ASBA will give you an advantage over your competition by giving you a firm foundation in liberal arts as well as teaching you applied aspects of business-related principles.

Get ahead with a working knowledge of business functions and procedures, accounting, legal concepts applicable to business professions, economics, computer applications, marketing, and management applications. Earning your degree from Hodges U will give you an edge on your competition by preparing you with the communication and computer skills you can start applying today.

Another great part about choosing Hodges for your degree is that our degrees are “stackable,” which means they work together to get you ahead faster. When you complete your Associate of Science degree at Hodges, your credits will transfer over immediately to the Bachelor’s program. So, you’ll be able to build on the pathway that you started when you continue your education.

Careers You’ll Be Able to Pursue

While not guaranteed, with an Associate of Science in Business Administration, you’ll be able to pursue high-paying careers including:

  • Office Manager – $31,892 – $67,475
  • Executive Assistant – $36,598 – $76,364
  • Administrative Assistant – $27,810 – $55,630
  • Project Coordinator – $35,299 – $68,669

(All wage information gathered from

Stay Near, Go Far!

Choosing Hodges U for your education gives you the ability to stay close to home while earning your degree, whether that be in Southwest Florida or anywhere in the world. Our flexibility is the critical piece of our Stay Near and Go Far philosophy. A philosophy you just won’t find at other colleges and universities in the area. We offer you the pathways to succeed on your educational journey. We provide flexible semesters so that you can move at an accelerated pace, or take courses part-time. We help you find the financial aid you need to move at the pace you desire. We help you achieve your goals so that you can go far in your career and feel great about your life.

The Hodges University Difference

Best Business School in Southwest Florida

Hodges University Johnson School of Business (JSOB) is one of the top business schools in Southwest Florida. We offer degree programs in undergraduate and graduate studies in business, management, and accounting with various minors and concentrations. Some of the characteristics that make the Johnson School of Business different are:

  • We are small enough to know you by name and large enough to earn the accreditation you expect for the careers you want.
  • Our class sizes are small, and that means you get one-on-one attention to help you when you need it.
  • If it’s been a while since you’ve been in school, we have the staff on hand to assist you in studying and writing to the rigor that is necessary for your success.
  • Our faculty members are experienced practitioners in their respective fields. They’ve either worked or are working in the field you are studying. That makes you more prepared than ever to enter the work-place with the knowledge you need to succeed.
  • We offer courses designed to make it easy for adult students to achieve their degrees. Online Courses. Hybrid Courses. Day and Evening Courses. Internships. Accelerated Learning. Whichever option appeals to you, we have a pathway that will lead to you achieving your goals.
  • Our classes are contemporary with focuses on real-world, applied knowledge in your field of study.
  • Dean of the Johnson School of Business, Dolores Batiato, has an open door and invites students to stop by her office anytime.
  • The philosophy of the Johnson School of Business matches that of Peter F. Drucker, the famous management guru, who has been given credit in saying, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” (Cohen 2010).

Additionally, the Johnson School of Business is Accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Be Bold. Make a Change Your Future Will Thank You For. Choose Hodges U

Dave Weston MBA 2002 CFO at Naples Lumber & Supply

Recalling his father’s recommendation to earn an MBA, which would allow him “to acquire the additional skills needed to lead a company successfully,” David Weston considered Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Atlantic University, International College, and other schools that provided online options. After gauging perceptions from other employers about the degree programs at other schools, he enrolled in International College’s MBA program in 2000.

“I chose Hodges because it was local and it provided more of a traditional education style that engaged in the rapid growth of online classes with a keen interest and support philosophy for adult learners juggling careers, families, and school work,” he said.

It was professors such as Dr. Donald Forrer and Professor Mike McDonnell who made such an impression on Weston.

“The Dean made statistics fun and applicable to real life and work. Anyone who can teach statistics to tired workers at night and keep us all energized and focused is just brilliant! Dr. Don Forrer, who I had for Executive Management & Decision Making, had the ability to make our classwork relevant and immediately applicable during our “day jobs,” which made going to his class a real asset immediately. Mike McDonnell, JD, was my adjunct professor for Business Law. He was the real deal, and class sessions were always robust discussions of the legal challenges and opportunities faced by business operators every day,” Weston explained.

Graduating with his MBA in 2002, Weston continued serving as a managing partner of Coastal Engineering Consultants until deciding to sell his interests and join Naples Lumber & Supply as the company’s chief financial officer in 2007.

Each day, Weston uses many of the techniques and skill sets he acquired as an MBA student. From analyzing and evaluating data (Statistics) to making important business decisions (Executive Decision Making) to providing guidance and direction regarding issues related to legal business operations (Business Law).

“The opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills attained through my education at Hodges was instrumental in my being able to help our company navigate and survive the Great Recession of 2008-2010,” he said.
As a successful business leader in the Southwest Florida community, Weston and his accomplishments have been recognized by Hodges through its “Follow the Leaders” campaign and as a distinguished alumnus.

“I am grateful for the experience, knowledge, and practical value Hodges provided to me. It is one of the many wonderful life experiences that make me who I am,” and to those contemplating the idea of going back to school, Weston says, “Constantly seek out the ‘take away’ and things you can use right now or call upon later as you make your way through your career, and have fun. It isn’t penance. It is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”

Business Administration. The Degree That Works With You. Let's Do This. Choose Hodges U

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