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Choose Hodges University for Your Associate Degree Program

The first step is often the hardest to take, so let’s get started today. Not sure where to begin? Below you will find our no-frills, just-the-facts reasons why Hodges should be the right university for you.

Not convinced a degree is in your future?

“Like many Hodges students, I started my higher educational pursuits later in life and had to balance a full-time job, family, and college. That’s why Hodges University has not only placed the needs of working adults at the center of its efforts to help higher education evolve, but has developed proven strategies to help students succeed in life and in school.

With progressive once-a-month class scheduling, monthly course start dates, combined with accelerated course pacing, we’re rising to meet the returning student halfway with rigorous programs that do not require the time sacrifice traditional colleges do. Additionally, our Core+4 model allows students who have completed 12 credit hours, and who otherwise qualify, to take an additional 4-hour course tuition-free.

I believe in scheduling that works as hard as you do, programs designed with your needs in mind, and faculty that is ready to offer support when you need it most. As an alumnus, former Hodges instructor, and former chief academic officer, I came home to advance Hodges University’s goal of supporting every type of student, because I believe in you and your future.”

Dr. John Meyer, Hodges University President & Alumni (B.S. & MBA)


Associate Degree in Accounting

  • Offered Online, On-Campus, or Blended format.
  • Curriculum focuses on both Taxation and Finance accounting.
  • Be prepared for Diverse Entry-Level Careers like Junior Accountant or Assistant Accountant.
  • Excellent Career Growth Outlook of 10-11% for Accountants and Auditors.

Accounting Program Highlights:

  • Accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).
  • Work and attend college with our monthly start dates and evening courses.
  • Workforce Education that delivers employer-approved know-how.
  • Will make you an excellent candidate for the Hodges’ Accounting Bachelor’s Program.
  • Hodges Named Among 30 Fastest Online Associates Degrees In Business Management For 2019.


Associate Degree in Business Administration 

  • Offered Online, On-Campus, and Hybrid.
  • Monthly course start dates with day and evening courses offer an optimal path for working adults.
  • Develop the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. 
  • Program comprised of applied and theoretical business principles, technical business and management skills, and communication development.
  • Readies you for careers like Office Manager, Executive Assistant, or Project Coordinator.

Business Administration Program Highlights

  • Accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).
  • Johnson School of Business is One of the Top Business Schools in SW Florida.
  • Hodges Named Among 30 Fastest Online Associates Degrees In Business Management For 2019.
  • Named Top 3 Safest Campus in Florida.
  • Makes you an excellent candidate for the BS in Business Admin., Finance, or Marketing at Hodges U.

Criminal Justice

Associate in Criminal Justice

  • Learn Core Competencies For Law Enforcement, Corrections, Or Other Public Service Fields.
  • Offered Online, On-Campus, or Blended.
  • Professors and Graduates experienced in the Field of Law convey workforce-driven practices used by today’s employers.
  • Competencies covered include Criminal Law, Court Procedure, Criminal Investigation, and Forensics For The Courtroom.

Technical and Computer-Related Degrees

Associate Degree in Digital Design and Graphics

  • Develop creative skills for an innovative career.
  • Offered Online, On-Campus, or in TEC format (Live classroom participation from anywhere in the world).
  • Receive hands-on, interactive training to create compelling visual content that inspires action.
  • Take engaging courses in subjects like 2D and 3D graphics, video game design, print and media design, photography, and marketing graphics.
  • Demand for Graphic Designers is Expected to Grow 20% over the next six years.

Digital Design and Graphics Program Highlights:

  • Unconventional day or evening classes and monthly course start dates for working adults.
  • Faculty are highly educated and experienced in the field.
  • Utilize our link to local employers to build a respected professional network.
  • Certified by the American Digital Design Association (ADDA).
  • Makes you an excellent candidate for the BS in Digital Design in Graphics option in Hodges’ Interdisciplinary degree).
  • Regionally Accredited by SACS.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

  • Launch your career in Technology with our Computer Information Technology degree or Computer Networking certification.
  • Offered Online, On-Campus, or in TEC format (Live classroom participation from anywhere in the world).
  • Our innovative technology program provides training in A+, Java Programming, Information Security, Web Design, Database Management Systems, and your general education credits.
  • Receive hands-on, evolutionary training in A+ (including computer hardware and operating systems), Routing and Switching, Powershell Scripting, and Windows Server Network Administration in the Computer Networking path.
  • Demand is Expected to Grow 11% over the next six years for computer support specialists.

Computer Science Degree Program Highlights:

  • Flexible day or evening classes and monthly course start dates for working adults.
  • Faculty are highly experienced in the technology field.
  • Additional certifications may be earned in areas of interest that relate to your degree.
  • Makes you an excellent candidate for a BS in Computer Information Technology, Computer Networking, or Software Development from Hodges U.
  • Regionally Accredited by SACS.

Degree Level EMS Program (AS)

AS Emergency Medical Services 

  • Workforce degree advancement developed in partnership with local Hospitals and First Responders.
  • Increase your EMT proficiency with our AS in EMS.
  • Readies you to sit for Paramedic License.

AS EMS Degree Program Highlights:

  • 93% Institutional Job placement rate after graduation.
  • Accredited by SACSCOC.
  • Our AS EMS degree provides an excellent pathway to advanced education in the EMS field.

General Studies / Transfer Students

Associate Degree General Studies

  • Gain Workforce Readiness while completing General Education credits.
  • Offered Online, On-Campus, or Blended.
  • Explore preferable Degree Majors through elective credits.
  • Quality Skill Development for entry-level careers.
  • Enhance Knowledge in subjects like Human Resources, Social Science, Literacy, and Critical Thinking.
  • Increase Earning Potential. Studies show Associate Degree-Holders earn approximately $10,000 more annually than High School Graduates.

Associate (General) Program Highlights:


Associate Degree in Healthcare Administration

  • Offered On-Campus, Blended, or 100% Online.
  • Attain workforce-ready skills for entry-level positions in Healthcare Administration and Medical Offices.
  • Fast-Paced, Innovative Curriculum in Health Sciences And Administration.
  • Comprehensive curriculum includes subject matter like Health Sciences, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting.
  • Professors bring Proven, Real-life Expertise in Health Services Administration to the classroom.

Health Care Administration Program Highlights:

  • Optimal for Working Adults with Day and Evening Classes.
  • Accelerate your learning with monthly course start dates.
  • Makes you an excellent candidate for the BS in Health Services Admin.
  • Hodges Named in Best Healthcare Administration Programs Of 2019: The Top 52 Schools (Online & On-Campus).
  • Accredited by SACSCOC.

Associate Degree in Health Sciences

  • Genius starting point for Medically-related degrees.
  • Offered On-campus, Online or Blended.
  • Real-Life Simulation and Scenarios expand training for careers like Home Health Aid, Medical Receptionist, or Medical Billing Specialist.
  • Practical, Hands-On applications training in competitive employability skills.
  • Gain Real-World Knowledge from well-respected medical professionals.

Health Sciences Degree Program Highlights:

  • Day and evening courses allow you to attend college while you work.
  • Complete Degree Quickly with monthly course start dates.
  • Makes you an excellent candidate for the BS in Health Sciences.
  • Named 3rd Safest College Campus in Florida.
  • Accredited by SACSCOC.

Associate in Pre-Nursing Degree / BSN Prep 

  • Acquire Behind-The-Scenes Skills needed to succeed in Hodges’ Nursing Program.
  • Attain all-around AA degree with 24 Pre-Nursing credits.
  • Offered On-Campus with some courses also available Online.
  • Obtain comprehensive Nursing Skills in our hands-on, state-of-the-art simulated Nursing Lab!
  • Faculty are well-respected, expert professionals credentialed and experienced in their medical fields of expertise.

Pre-Nursing Program Highlights:

  • The Hodges U Nursing Program is in candidacy for accreditation with the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).
  • AA in Pre-Nursing may provide needed credits for transition to Hodges’ BS in Nursing Program.
  • 3rd Safest Campus in Florida.

Pre – Physical Therapist Assistant / PTA Prep

  • Acquire Insider-Only Skills needed to succeed in Hodges’ Physical Therapist Assistant Program.
  • Attain all-around AA degree that qualifies you to apply for the competitive and comprehensive PTA program.
  • Offered Online with Blended option for some courses.
  • Faculty are reputable, quality professionals credentialed experts in their fields.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Careers projected to increase by 31% through 2026.

Pre – PTA Program Highlights:

  • Pre-PTA is flexible for working adults with day and evening courses.
  • Accredited by SACSCOC.
  • Named in top 3% of Safest Campuses Nationally.
  • The AA in Pre-PTA makes you an excellent candidate for Hodges’ AS of Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • The AS of Physical Therapist Assistant program is a competitive, limited enrollment program so bring your a-game when you apply for the cohort.

Associate Degree Physical Therapist Assistant 

  • Acquire Comprehensive Training to work under the supervision of a Licensed Physical Therapist.
  • Graduates of the AS in PTA program may be eligible to sit for the National Licensing Board exam.
  • Highly competitive, limited-enrollment, fast-paced, and accelerated day time program.
  • Faculty are well-respected, gifted professionals credentialed and experienced in their fields of expertise.
  • Get hands-on career training for work in places like nursing care facilities, home healthcare, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and more.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant careers projected to increase by 31% through 2026.
  • Now Accepting Students for our next cohort.

PTA Degree Program Highlights:

  • Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).
  • 3rd Safest Campus in Florida.
  • Recommended by Accredited Online Schools for Physical Therapy Schools and Degrees.


Associate Level Paralegal Degree

  • Readies students to sit for the Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam or Certified LegalAssistant/Certified Paralegal Exam.
  • Comprehensive Paralegal program formed in partnership with local employers.
  • Offered Online, On-Campus, and Blended.
  • Innovative, cutting-edge training in email management, privacy issues, and electronically-stored information.
  • Gain skills to address eDiscovery and eLitigation landscape.
  • Outstanding Career Outlook with an anticipated 15% increase between 2016 and 2026.

Paralegal Degree Program Highlights:

  • 100% Employment Rate!
  • Hodges named in Top 10 Associate in Paralegal Studies Online.
  • Recognized by Best Colleges as Best Online Bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies Program.
  • Accredited by SACSCOC.
  • The AS in Paralegal Studies makes you an excellent candidate for to Hodges’ Bachelor in Legal Studies.

Professional Communication

Associate Degree in Professional Communications

  • Acquire strong Written and Spoken Communication and Interpersonal Training that will serve you in any career choice.
  • Versatile degree concentrated in entry-level Workforce Skill Development.
  • Offered Online, On-Campus, or Blended.
  • All-inclusive program with zero textbook costs.
  • Attain skills as an active listener and professional communicator.
  • Get a leading-edge for entry-level positions in a professional business setting.
  • Includes Fifteen Elective Credits, allowing you to explore fields of interest.
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