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Begin your Journey in General Studies at Hodges U

An Associate of Arts (AA) Degree in General Studies from Hodges University can prepare you for a multitude of career paths and future opportunities while providing you with the building blocks of a well-rounded education in liberal arts. Broaden your knowledge in a variety of areas such as humanities and social sciences, literacy, communications, and critical thinking while preparing to pursue future academic goals of higher education and personal interests.

With an Associate of Arts Degree from Hodges University, choose the prerequisite general education courses that may prepare you to pursue future degrees in fields such as Accounting, Criminal Justice, Digital Design and Graphics, Health Sciences, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Physical Therapy Assistant (Pre-PTA), and so much more! Many credits are likely to transfer into most of Hodges’ Bachelor’s degree programs and, with monthly course start dates, you will achieve your degree before you know it.

According to the BLS, “employers often rank skills such as critical thinking and communication—hallmarks of liberal arts training—above technical aptitude as essential for career readiness.” According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in 2013, associate degree-holders have salaries that are an estimated $10,000 higher than those of high school graduates (www.nces.ed.gov).

Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies

Get Ready for a Flexible Degree

  • May build Workforce Readiness skills while completing General Education credits.
  • Offered Online or Blended.
  • Explore your preferred Degree Majors through elective credits.
  • Receive Quality Skill Development that could be helpful for entry-level careers.
  • Opportunity to Enhance Knowledge in subjects like Human Resources, Social Science, Literacy, and Critical Thinking.
  • Possibile to Increase Earning Potential. BLS Studies show Associate Degree-Holders earn more annually than High School Graduates.

Why Hodges is the Right College for You

Hottest Jobs:

  • Office Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Event Planning
  • Project Manager
  • Human Resources Assistant/Support
  • Coaches and Scouts

Start with a well-rounded education that you can use!

Apply Today!

Barbara Key-Ramos – General IDS Studies, and Proud Hodges Grad

“The education at Hodges has made a tremendous and powerful impact on my career choice. Further, the education I obtained from Hodges helps me to use critical analysis for challenges and choices in making decisions and problem-solving from the micro, macro, and mezzo social levels in all aspects of my professional life,” said Ramos.

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