Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy Cloud Foundations offered by Hodges Connect. Abstract cloud image linking to different aspects of cloud computing with Hodges Connect logo.
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Get In-Demand Skills For Cloud Computing Using AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy Cloud Foundations is your first step into the world of AWS. This is an online, self-paced class that takes approximately 20 hours to complete and is taught by AWS Accredited Educators. The course offered by Hodges Connect helps to develop in-demand cloud computing skills with hands-on experience in the AWS Cloud with lessons based on actual industry scenarios.

If you’re looking for foundational cloud computing skills that will grow with you, then enroll in our upcoming AWS Academy Cloud Foundations training today!

AWS Academy Provider Hodges University. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy logo.

This is a non-degree-seeking course offered to connect you with the employer demanded skills you need to succeed. 

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