Interdisciplinary Studies is a popular program offered at Hodges University. Woman pursuing her bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies online
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Finish Your Degree with our Transfer Credit Friendly Interdisciplinary Studies

There is nothing more flexible than a degree focused on Interdisciplinary Studies. You can pick and choose which careers appeal to you without being forced to change course. An Interdisciplinary Studies degree can prepare you to further your education, earn more in your current position, or focus on Criminal Justice, Human Resources, or Digital Design.

This is an optimal undergraduate degree option if you’d like to transfer credits to Hodges University. Rather than focusing on a single discipline in your studies, you’ll be receiving an interdisciplinary degree covering diverse fields of study with a cohesive focus on critical thinking and communication. These are high demand skills that translate to numerous career options.

When you choose Hodges University, you will be opening the door to a multitude of opportunities and moving forward with a strong foundation for careers such as Digital Design, Social/Human Resources, Civil Service, and more – or transitioning into Graduate School.

When you choose a Bachelor’s Degree, you may increase your earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average weekly salary for workers with a bachelor’s degree is around $1,000.


Interdisciplinary Studies Is A Gateway to Greatness

  • Transfer existing college credit while attaining a leading-edge degree for today’s global market with skills that can be applied to almost any career.
  • Offered in Online and/or Blended Format.
  • Curriculum competencies include diversity, the psychology of teams, and strategic thinking.
  • Subject matter communicated through a variety of media by professional experts.
  • Flexible bachelor’s degree that strengthens professionalism, general knowledge, and marketability.
  • Digital Design & Graphics is a popular Interdisciplinary track helping students achieve a well-rounded education while using their creativity.

Hodges Provides You Needed Flexibility

Interdisciplinary Studies is a popular program offered at Hodges University. Woman pursuing her bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies online

Transfer to a Flexible Degree designed for your Future!

Don’t Wait, Apply Today!

Hottest Career Fields:

  • Commercial Art and Graphic Design
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Communications

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information.

Robyn Crawford: Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Achieving Success in the Field of Law

Hodges was a stepping-stone on my way to achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. The knowledge I obtained during my bachelor’s degree continues to help me in developing interpersonal connections in my career and understanding others, which is a skill important for my line of work. My greatest accomplishment is that through the help of Hodges University, I was able to become a licensed attorney by the age of 20!

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