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Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

The Interdisciplinary Studies Degree allows students to customize a degree based on individual passions, learning experiences, interests, and talents through the integration of electives combined with the core studies required for a bachelor’s degree. It is the most diverse and flexible degree program offered and has one of the highest credit transferability rates.

According to the Best Value Schools, “Most college programs feature required courses that you must take, but you may find that those courses don’t relate to what you want to study or even what you want to do with your degree. An interdisciplinary studies major, sometimes called a general studies major at some schools, features a number of different courses that let you customize your degree and select what you want to study.”

According to LinkedIn, soft skills are those necessary for interpersonal relationships that allow us to “get things done” and are expected to remain in high demand. “Topping this year’s list are creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and emotional intelligence—all skills that demonstrate how we work with others and bring new ideas to the table. Four of the five most in-demand soft skills remain in their top spots year over year, further reinforcing that these skills are evergreen—they’re likely to remain the top skills that companies want in star employees.”

Interdisciplinary Studies Uniquely Qualifies Graduates For Success!

  • Actively plan electives with Hodges U staff to design an ideal degree to uniquely qualify you for success.
  • Engage in practical project-based learning that may ready students with skills in research, critical thinking, problem-solving, or innovation.
  • Take classes formulated to provide new knowledge that helps students learn to analyze business disciplines objectively.
  • Learn about core competencies such as Global Awareness and Diversity Management, providing the basis to understand and respect multiple disciplines.
  • The BS Interdisciplinary Studies may prepare you for future education, such as a Master’s Degree or Graduate Certifications.

Hodges Provides You Needed Flexibility

Prepare for Positions in Fields Such As:

  • Civil Services
  • Social Services
  • Community Leadership and Development
  • Cultural and Environmental Studies
  • Human Resources
  • General Business

Choose a Flexible Degree Custom Designed For You!

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Robyn Crawford: Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Achieving Success in the Field of Law

Hodges was a stepping-stone on my way to achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. The knowledge I obtained during my bachelor’s degree continues to help me in developing interpersonal connections in my career and understanding others, which is a skill important for my line of work. My greatest accomplishment is that through the help of Hodges University, I was able to become a licensed attorney by the age of 20!

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My biggest challenge was returning to the university as an adult and going through a major life transition...I had attended college in the past, but I felt confident in my returning to complete my educational goal knowing the professors, along with the mentors and staff would be there for my academic success.
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Michael C - BS IDS General - I love the great instructors in the ID Studies program and the support the school offers. Hodges University has a caring and dedicated staff that is second to none.
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