Professional Sales and Marketing student from Hodges University grows her career options
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Select A High-Demand Field In Professional Sales & Marketing

Hodges’ Professional Sales and Marketing degree program prepares you to take on roles that are necessary for businesses to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. This program also provides the building blocks needed to continue your education, which will open the door for opportunities for advancement in management and other fields.

Learn industry demanded marketing fundamentals, strategies, and professional sales concepts and practices that will make you an asset in across many workforce industries, allowing you to advance in your current career, transition to a new career, open your own business, or continue your education.

Marketing and Professional Sales individuals are in High Demand! The career outlook for those educated in marketing strategy, market research, and face to face sales, and hold good verbal communication skills, varies from 6-10% depending on your specific interest and career goals, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Bring In-Demand Skills to Sales and Marketing Positions

  • Prepares Students for Careers such as Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Account Manager, Account Executive, and More.
  • Offered Online, On-campus, or Blended.
  • This Degree is Beneficial to Almost Every Sector of Business.
  • Internship available with the degree.

Why Is Hodges Right For You?

Professional Sales and Marketing student from Hodges University grows her career options

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code: 52.1401

Develop Skills in Marketing That Put You Ahead of the Competition!

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Hottest Jobs:

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Marketing Coordinator 
  • Account Executive

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Ty Belford: Marketing Graduate

Ty Belford considers Hodges his “Tipping Point”. Taking marketing courses with Dr. Peter Karastamatis, Belford said, “I actually thought I was a pretty good marketer before I met him,” however, he quickly learned the difference between a salesperson and a marketer. An established business owner, Belford looks back on his time at Hodges and calls it his “tipping point,” which provided him the ability to earn a degree and actively pursue his dreams. Recognizing that current and prospective Hodges students are seeking similar dreams, he encourages them, saying, “Find your purpose. Remember the pursuit of happiness and know that it is achievable.”

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