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Women in Technology

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Paving the way for women in tech fields everywhere!

Professor Tracey Lanham, Associate Dean of the Fisher School of Technology, believes that the inclusion of all individuals, including women and those from underrepresented populations in STEM, is critical for the continued growth and success of the IT field.

Look at it this way, technology corporations of the future are looking for new and innovative ideas that work for everyone. Without the input of technology-focused women in leadership roles, the development of products we use every day falls short of meeting the needs of the women who use them.

“What many people don’t understand is that computing is the foundation of just about every other Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) discipline,” said Lanham. At Hodges University, the Fisher School of Technology offers degrees that help students develop the skills needed to make a positive impact in the technology sectors of our business community.

It has been shown that girls do not pursue technology careers at the same rate as their male counterparts because they are not exposed to computer hardware, software, and coding at a young enough age to pursue computer information technology degrees. Instead of coming into the college environment with similar knowledge as their counterparts, women feel behind and end up abandoning what could be an excellent career pathway.

That’s why Professor Lanham is involved in bringing the STEM and Technology field to girls, inspiring their love of technology.

Tech Inspired Girls Innovate Our Future!

Why Learn From Professor Lanham?

Professor Lanham is an inspiration to the tech industry in Southwest Florida.

She is the FIRST woman to graduate from Hodges University with a Master’s in Computer Information Technology. She started pursuing her degree at the Associate level and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in IT.

Professor Lanham understands the challenges of pursuing higher education while working and raising a family. She also understands how challenging it can be to work full-time in positions that may not provide the fulfillment women seek. She knew that she wanted more from her life. Pursuing her degree in Computer Information Technology has opened doors that may have remained closed had she not pursued her education.

This background gives Professor Lanham the motivation to help people who may not be exposed to the computer field opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge so that a career in information technology is accessible.

Learn To Lead From A Technology Leader

Summer Camp Programs

Girls and boys alike love our virtual summer camps which are designed to provide kids with a high-quality STEM learning environment.

Certificate Programs

For those who are looking for credentialing in subjects such as AutoCAD, AutoDesk, Graphic Design in Adobe CC, or Web Design Fundamentals.

Degree Programs

Online Computer Degree programs developed for non-traditional students where you receive personalized attention from the virtual classroom with real results.

National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT)

Aspirations in Computing Program

Professor Lanham leads the Southwest Florida region of NWCIT’s Aspirations in Computing program, which promotes networking opportunities, mentorship, and scholarships to high school girls pursuing technology in high school who desire to obtain a technology degree in college.

Learn More About NWCIT

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Logo for the Southwest Florida community

Why Learn From Professor Lanham?

Tracey Lanham coordinates the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing for Southwest Florida, encouraging young women interested in pursuing computer information technology and leadership an opportunity to be recognized for the work they’ve done prior to entering the college environment. This endeavor also provides young women the opportunity to build networking relationships with fellow women in the field as well as providing scholarship opportunities.

Additionally, Professor Lanham is involved in the #CSforAll movement bringing hardware, software, and coding education to the K-12 classroom.

Want to Learn Technology from Professor Lanham?

Get Your Technology Degree From Hodges U. Professor Tracey Lanham is a role model for women and diversity in the computing field. Actively engage and learn from her in the classroom when you choose Hodges U for your education.

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