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Serve The Public and Help Others With A Degree In Criminal Justice

Hodges University has the Criminal Justice Degree programs that will help you get ahead and stay ahead. When you choose Hodges U for your Criminal Justice career, you’ll get trained by graduates already serving in the community in the field of law. This blend of practical experience from both the professors and the former students provides real value as you progress through this program.

Our Legal Studies Pathway is designed for working adults and will prepare you for a future you can build upon better than any other college or university in Southwest Florida. Why? Because we are embedded in the community and understand what businesses in our area need in graduates from our programs. Our class size is small at 14:1, and you’ll receive the individual attention you need to achieve educational success. The Criminal Justice degree program is available on campus and online.

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Why Choose a Degree in Criminal Justice?

Where you start depends on where you are in your law and criminology career. Our admissions staff will help you determine the best course for your Criminal Justice Degree Program based on your prior experience, prior higher education, and your educational goals.

The career outlook for those educated in the law varies from 6-10% depending on your specific interest and career goals according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hodges Criminal Justice Pathway prepares you to take on roles of protection, apply to law school, or take on a detective, criminalist, or probation role within law enforcement. These careers offer you variety in day to day activities and the ability to serve the public.

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code: 11.0901

Master’s Degree in Legal Studies

If you’ve already earned your Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and are looking to take it to the next level, then obtaining the Master’s Degree in Legal Studies will make you eligible to earn even more and open doors in the legal field. Learn more about our Master’s Degree in Legal Studies and expand your opportunities.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Hodges University Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice program prepares you for entry-level positions within the criminal justice system as well as similar positions in the private sector, even if you don’t have any experience. Are you already working in criminal justice? Earning a degree can help you advance your career and obtain management-level positions, building upon previous experience and training.

You will learn about the institutions of the criminal justice system (policing, courts, and corrections), the importance of discretion and ethical decision making in regard to criminal justice operations and the application of criminal law and procedure, theoretical perspectives about the causes and control of crime, and gain an appreciation for the link between research, theory, and practice.

Hodges Criminal Justice program is unique in that you’ll have the opportunity to learn from prior graduates of the program who are currently working in the field. Plus, we also draw on the expertise of law enforcement officers, judges, probation and parole officers, corrections personnel and practicing attorneys throughout the program. Professors have worked in the field, and you’ll learn real-world practices that prepare you for your career.

The BS In Criminal Justice is a flexible degree opening many doors depending on your choice of pathway.

Prerequisites for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program does not have any prerequisites other than submitting your application to Hodges U to begin the program.

We do, however, allow you to transfer from other college or university programs and will apply transfer credits that you may have earned towards your Bachelor’s Degree. Plus, if you’ve already started your Associate Degree at Hodges, those credits transfer over seamlessly!

We work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to begin and succeed when you choose the Criminal Justice Pathway at Hodges University.

Careers You’ll Be Able to Pursue

With a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, you’ll be able to pursue high paying career opportunities including:

  • Law Enforcement – $33,140 – $88,130
  • Security Manager – $40,120 – 115,967
  • Probation Officer – $29,993 – $70,390
  • Fraud Investigator – $39,088 – $86,156


(All wage information gathered from

Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

Get a flexible degree when you choose to enroll in the Associate of Arts program at Hodges U. You’ll receive a well-rounded education with 36 credits of general education classes that focus on humanities and social sciences, literacy, and critical thinking skills. You will complete a total of 60 credit hours, with 24 hours focused on Criminal Justice.

How do you know if the field of Criminal Justice is right for you? If you’re interested in learning about law enforcement, the law, the courts, and corrections, then a focus in criminal justice may be the pathway for you!  Whether you are considering criminal justice as a new career or looking to enhance your current career, our broad-based curriculum will ensure you are ready to face the challenges of criminal justice in the 21st century and beyond!

Careers in Criminal Justice

The Associate in Criminal Justice can help you find careers in law enforcement, the court system, corrections, forensic science, security, education, community service, and social work.

  • Police Officer – $33,140 – $88,130
  • Security Officer – $20,294 – $85,492


(All wage information gathered from


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The Hodges University Difference

Nichols School of Professional Studies

Thank you for considering the Nichols School of Professional Studies for your degree. We offer knowledgeable faculty and staff who are committed to assisting you on your pathway of educational success. Our faculty offers invaluable insight based on real-world experience in their areas of expertise.

Understanding the needs of our local community is paramount in the success of the Nichols School of Professional Studies. It’s also something we take seriously. Why? Because we strive to provide educational opportunities that prepare you for success in your chosen field. Students who are ready to work on their first day help local business add to their bottom line faster and improve the way of life for all of us in Southwest Florida. We have developed programs with a wide variety of disciplines that prepare you for the jobs of today – and the future.

Degrees that we offer include Interdisciplinary Studies, Criminal Justice, Paralegal and Legal Studies, as well as a certificate in eDiscovery / eLitigation. When you choose The Nichols School of Professional Studies, you can expect:

  • To master critical thinking, effective communication, and research, which are three educational outcomes enabling you to be competitive in today’s changing environment
  • To receive a well-balanced, contemporary and challenging curriculum
  • A challenging and rewarding career in which you have the opportunity to put in to practice your educational theory.


If you are looking for online learning opportunities, The Nichols School of Professional Studies also offers both the associate and bachelor’s degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies and the Master of Science in Legal Studies in an online format. Our other programs of study are offered in a combination of on-campus and online formats.

The most important factor in your education is the individual attention that you receive when you choose the Nichols School of Professional Studies. Small class sizes and one on one attention from our faculty make Hodges University the perfect choice to continue your education. The Dean, Dr. Mary Nuosce has an open door policy and invites you to stop by her office anytime, even just to say hello.

Keith Wallace - Criminal Justice

Keith Wallace is a man of many talents. From business owner to security professional to actor and model, his breadth of experience spans far and wide; however, there was a time when experience wasn’t getting Wallace where he wanted to be in life. This meant weighing his options and ultimately, going back to school.

In 2009, Wallace was struggling to obtain advanced security positions, unsure as to why he was being denied by employers. “I asked myself a question; what am I missing? What else can I do? I came to the realization I needed to do more. It didn’t mean more training or job experience, it meant college,” he said. 

Wallace enrolled at Hodges University to pursue an associate degree in criminal justice in 2009.

“I chose criminal justice because I realized security is what I was destined to do and having a degree in the related field was part of my tools and training,” Wallace said.

Motivated by his family, as well as by his professors and their passion to see students like Wallace succeed, it was his mother, Gail Williams, who made the greatest impact. Williams, who is Hodges’ chief diversity officer, has been with the university for 18 years. Watching his mother go to school for her MBA while working full time, he admits, “stuck with him” when it came time for him to go back to school.

Graduating with his associate degree in 2012, he decided to continue his educational pursuits and graduated two years later with his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

“I am proud of my accomplishments, and I always share my experience with kids and adults who are struggling with their current career or are looking for advice. My college degree provided me with a sense of accomplishment that influenced me to do other things without fearing failure,” he said.

His ability to apply for positions he was academically unqualified for prior to enrolling at Hodges enabled him to secure a position with G4S, a private security company contracted by Collier County, in 2016, and become deputy chief of security for Collier County.

“I have met and provided security for senators, governors, congressmen and our Collier County commissioners and department heads. I also had the opportunity to work with the United States Secret Service,” he explained. “Our government security officers’ main focus is to protect Collier County assets, employees and the visiting public. We are helping the Collier County commissioners plan for the future of Collier County and its residents by allowing them to focus on their important task at hand, knowing that we are there keeping a watchful eye.”

With Hodges University you can Stay Near and Go Far. We’ll Help You Along The Way!

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