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Lead the Way With A Degree In Criminal Justice From Hodges U!

When you choose Hodges U for your Criminal Justice degree, you will be trained by graduates already serving the community in the fields of law enforcement, public policy, or criminal justice reform. With seasoned professionals providing practical criminal justice system experience and insightful expertise, you can learn the critical components you need to succeed in the field of law enforcement and complementary fields.

Our monthly course start dates, one class at a time format, and accelerated programs make it possible to complete your education, at your pace and on your schedule – whether you attend full-time or part-time.

The first step is the hardest one to take. Let’s Get Started Today!

Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

Join An In-Demand Field With A BS in Criminal Justice at Hodges University

  • Gain a broad foundational understanding of the criminal justice system including Ranfòsman Lwa, Envestigasyon Kriminèl, Dwa Kriminèl, Tribinal ak Pwosedi Kriminèl, Prizon, Pwobasyon ak Libète Libète, Rezolisyon konfli, Ranfòsman Lwa Sèvi ak fòs Continuum, Maladi Mantal, ak abi sibstans.
  • Learn from faculty experienced in the Fields of Law and Law Enforcement.
  • Get the support you need. Professors focus on the individual needs of students, setting course objectives, and goals developed through real-life learning and experience.
  • Use educational materials embedded directly into online courses, allowing aksè a dènye devlopman yo nan jistis kriminèl ak pwosedi ki pi ajou. This advanced technique prepares students for their careers, starting on day one while offering cost savings on books and materials.
  • Engage in quality instruction in Criminal Investigation, Forensics, Crime Theory, ak Counter-Terrorism.

Criminal Justice Program Highlights:

Travay pi cho:

  • FBI Investigator
  • Fish and Game Warden
  • Fire Services
  • DEA Investigator

Associate in Criminal Justice

Jwenn Insight nesesè yo sèvi piblik la

  • Elèv yo benefisye de yon broad exposure to the criminal justice system in Corrections, Law Enforcement, Fundamentals of Law, Criminal Law and Court Procedures, Criminal Investigation and Forensics Encompassing Crime Scene to Court.
  • Offered in an Online Fòma.
  • Professors and graduates experienced in the Fields of Law and Law Enforcement bring practical, real-life experience to the classroom.
  • Konpetans covered include Criminal Law, Pwosedi Tribinal la, Criminal Investigation, ak Forensics For The Courtroom.

Set Your Career in Criminal Justice In Motion, Apply Today!

Degre jistis kriminèl Hodges 'eksepsyonèl

Travay pi cho:

  • Police Officer 
  • Security Officer 
  • Homicide Detective
  • Corrections Officer
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Keith Wallace, Deputy Chief of Security for Collier County at GXNUMXS and Proud Hodges U Graduate

“I am proud of my accomplishments, and I always share my experience with kids and adults who are struggling with their current career or are looking for advice. My college degree provided me with a sense of accomplishment that influenced me to do other things without fearing failure,” says Keith.

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We moved to Naples after I was medically retired from the United States Army in June XNUMX. While researching colleges, I fell in love with Hodges University. Now, life is not over for me, it's just starting.
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