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Hodges University Tuition Rates and Fees

Welcome to Hodges University! Hodges’ tuition and fees continue to be some of the lowest among private institutions in the state of Florida. Tuition may be reduced by scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts. Federal loans and grants, as well as state financial aid from the department of education, are also available.

Let’s Get Real – What You Should Know About Hidden Tuition Costs In An Apples to Apples Comparison.

Did you know that there are different rules for how public and private universities are required to post their tuition? Public universities are permitted to post the net costs, which are often referred to as “In-State Tuition,” while private non-profit institutions are required to list the gross per hour tuition rate. Additionally, public universities are not always clear on the extra fees and charges that may be assessed to a student after they have enrolled. At Hodges, we want to make sure that students clearly understand the value of the education they are getting.

Best Value Schools names Hodges University Most Affordable

Scenario 1

A student is comparing the RN program at both Hodges University and a community college. In a head-to-head comparison, Hodges appears to cost more for the same program. What the student doesn’t realize is the community college is offering a two year RN degree while Hodges is offering the employer-preferred and possibly required Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Our program is also inclusive of tuition, books, labs, uniform, and stethoscope, while the community college may charge additional fees for these items. Additionally, while both programs require prerequisite courses, our program is offered at an accelerated pace, in a small class size setting, and taught during hours when working adults can attend.

Scenario 2

A student comparing Hodges University and a public 4-year university sees an advertised rate of, on average, $240 per credit hour for an undergraduate degree. Compared to Hodges’ posted rate of $590, this sounds like a fantastic deal, but let’s dig a little deeper. First, that rate only applies if you are in the state. Average rates for out of state students attending a public 4-year university are, on average, about $800. At Hodges University, you pay the same per credit hour rate from anywhere in the world.

Hodges’ base rate is $590, however with our core plus four model you get 16 credits for the price of 12. Additionally, if you do live in the state of Florida, you may automatically qualify for the EASE grant, which is about $1420 for 2020-2021. This means that you could pay as little as $353.75/credit hour. Then, when you add on GI Bills, military and corporate discounts, yellow ribbon programs, career source partnerships, scholarships, Bright Futures, Pell Grant awards, and internal scholarships, some students pay little to nothing at all.

Not to mention, in a public 4-year university, you can attend classes with up to 200-350 students taught by a graduate student for your first two years. At Hodges, our class sizes average 12-15 and are taught by award-winning faculty with real-world experience. After all, the attention and support you receive can be the deciding factor in your success


A Florida Resident and Active Guard member applying to Hodges

Undergraduate Rate = $590 per credit hour x 12 FT Credit Hours = $7080 – the EASE grant which has been $1420 per semester/($2841 per year)  = 5660.00

You may also get 16 credits for that price with our Core+4 program! $5660 / 16 Credits = $353.75 – $250 Active Military Discount = $103.75 per credit hour.

*Tuition rates may vary based on an individual’s circumstances and their chosen program of study. 

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Tuition Rates


  • Undergraduate Tuition for All Credit Hour Courses: $590 per credit hour
  • Graduate Tuition for All Credit Hour Courses: $790 per credit hour
  • English as a Second Language Program: $295 per credit hour
  • Intensive English Courses: $335 per credit hour
  • Master of Accountancy: $9,200.00 per session

Cohort Program Tuition

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing: $17,125.00 per session
  • Associate of Science in Physical Therapy Assistant: $9,950.00 + books per session
  • Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: $8,928.57 per session

Why Choose Hodges University?

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Accelerated Graduation Ability
  • Diverse Program Delivery Options That Fit Your Life
  • Proven Workforce-Based Curriculum Taught By Award Winning Professors
  • Monthly Start Dates
  • Take One Class at a Time for Most Courses



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  • Undergraduate Application Fee: $20
  • Graduate Application Fee: $50
  • Student Services Fee: $250 per session
  • Books/Resources Fee (when not included): $0 – $400 per course, per session

*For a complete tuition and fee schedule, including discounts, please see the current Registration Terms & Conditions for additional information.

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